Friday, September 2, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

Well in just under two weeks I turn 22, so it felt fitting for a change :) if one there is one thing I can do well it's grow hair, and I had been considering getting the chop for a while so on Wednesday I took the plunge and did it. My hairdresser is amazing and worked her magic (after assuring me it would look good and I could totally pull it off), I wasn't sure if I would love it but I did :) she made sure to shape it well which made all the difference and it feels so light now. I am *just* able to tie it up but it doesn't seem worth it, so instead I just clip up a few pieces to get it out of my face and I am able to go about my day.

This past week has been quiet on the job front, so I am feeling discouraged there but I know God has the right job waiting for me and I am praying I will find it hopefully soon. It does help to have a few fun things lined up this month, with my birthday on the 15th, then a week later The Next Step Concert and the following day seeing my best friend for dinner before the church sports competition starts.
I had my last psych appointment on Tuesday as she goes on maternity leave for a year and it feels strange to know I won't see her for a while but she assures me the college covering for her starting in January will be good (though no one can replace her!) and its only for a year.
Moving onto Five Friday Favourites:

The Flash - I am not a huge superhero fan but I am loving The Flash! I've almost finished season 2 and its a great show, the characters are all so likeable and the storylines aren't all typical saving the world stuff. My plan is to go onto Supergirl then Arrow (they are based in the same universe and you get a bit of character crossover at times) so I am looking forward to those.

The Afters Live On Forever - if you want good Christian music then check out The Afters, I have preordered their latest album (which is due to come out in less than a week) and I am loving all the available tracks so far. I have a feeling that it will be getting a lot of play time on my ipod in the coming weeks!

Smiggle letter keyrings - I am obsessed with these and have 3 (all in different patterns!), they are super cute and make it easy to find your keys. They also make great gifts and you can never have enough keyrings. They always releasing new patterns seasonally so there will be something for everyone.

 Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover - this is my go to in terms of foundation, I just want something that provides medium cover, lasts all day and is ideally natural and this is it! I just brush it on (after I've done moisturiser) and I'm good to go. It has SPF protection and is made using natural products, you don't need much so a container will do you a while (I've barely made a dent in mine and I've been using it for 4 months). If I need extra staying power I just apply the nude by nature primer before it and I am good to go.

RUOK day - Next Thursday is RUOK day, so its a good time to ask a friend if they are ok and really listen to them. ReachOut has some great resources available if your friend brings up anything that concerns you. Mental Illness is something as a society we need to be aware about and RUOK day allows you to bring it up in conversation without the stigma surrounding it. Its just one question and three words and it could improve or even save someones life.

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