Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A step in the right direction

Being unemployed is hard, being unemployed in this job market is harder. I have applied for so many jobs and when you get no response it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So many people have their opinions on what I should be doing to get a job and it's hard when no one knows what you are going through or what its like to have to be picky when applying for jobs. I have always said that God has the right job out there for me and no matter what I will trust him with this stage of my life. A few weeks ago I started praying that God would guide me in the right direction and show me that I am doing the right thing with continuing applying for admin jobs (I've also expanded to applying for retail jobs but its been a dead end there).
Last Wednesday my phone rang, I didn't recognise the number and was surprised when it was from a company about a job I had applied for at the start of the month. I had been shortlisted and they were chatting to all potiential interviewees to find out if they had what they were looking for and they would call me on Friday with the results. I was pretty sure I had made a fool of myself and would no way get called back for an interview but it felt like an achievment just to get a call.
Friday moring I was in the car with a friend (and her two adorable kids) and had just finished telling her how I was finally feeling confident in my job hunt and had applied for a few potiential jobs that I felt I had a chance in getting an interview for and I might have a potiential job interview which was a huge deal for me. When my phone rang, I recognised the number from Wednesday so answered it and could not believe it when I was told I had an interview for the 4th of July if I wanted it (I was free but I would've cancelled anything because an interview in admin in this job market is unheard of). I told my friend who shared my excitement and wanted to know all the details. Having someone who knew my struggles (and whom I had confided in) celebrating with me made it feel more real.
It's not a job but it's an interview and that is something amazing, being able to tell people that I have a job interview when asked how the job hunt is going and the feeling of knowing that I have beaten out hundreds for the chance to sell myself is the best. I have no idea how the interview will go but at the end of the day it's a step in the right direction and I know God will guide me through this next step, no matter what the outcome is.

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Mike said...

Onya Erin! Go in there and give it your best!!! Lotsaluv, Dad!