Friday, June 9, 2017

Five Friday Favourites

I have decided that every second week is always crazy for me and it was this week for sure! Sunday and Monday I reformatted my resume on the advice of some friends, while it took me a while I am hoping the improvements will be worth it and I will hopefully get some interviews soon.
Wednesday I had a long overdue optometrist appointment and then proceeded to spend $200 on a new pair of glasses. I hadn't had a new pair since I was 14 and my prescription had changed majorly (as you would expect) so I figured I had better get a pair that I really loved and would actually want to wear (I got these). I wanted something a bit different than what I had previously had and these just made me feel myself. I tried on a heap of different pairs but kept coming back to the first pair I tried on. Apparently I have trouble focusing my vision plus the stigmatism I have always had (which means I will always wear glasses to some degree) means I will be looking at wearing glasses 60%-80% of the time depending on what I have going on during the day.
The rest of the week has been just as busy, with employment agency meetings, baby sitting and running errands, I would much rather have a busy week than a quiet one though!

Moving on to Five Friday Favourites:

Sadie Robertson - Be You - Scripture Cards (here's the link for an Australian seller)- On Tuesday I made the drive to Koorong, the only Christian bookstore around. I maybe go 3 times a year if that as it's out of my way and a decent distance to drive for just a bookstore, also its a dangerous place for my bank account! I walked in there with a list and left with a few additionial purchases (all good I had money set aside from doing a few odd jobs so the damage wasn't too bad) these cards were one of them. If you recall at Christmas time I got given a Sadie Robertson calender which I love and it makes me smile whenever I see it and when I saw these cards I knew I had to get them. They are great quality and its such a cool idea how you attatch them to the stand with the gem magnet. I also couldn't resist getting 2 packs of these (photo here) to put on gifts and give to people.

Fairy Bread Cheesecake - I had a bible study dinner on Wednesday night and I brought dessert (which is no surprise if you know me), I wasn't sure what to take but when I came across a recipe for Fairy Bread Cheesecake in the latest copy of Super Food Ideas magazine I knew I was onto a winner. It looked and tasted amazing plus I have no doubt you could leave out the sprinkles for a plain baked cheesecake or mix in some melted chocolate for a chocolate cheesecake. I swirled through some melted white chocolate just before baking which added a nice element to it. Then with the remaining chocolate spread it on some baking paper and sprinkled on some sprinkles before leaving it to set and breaking into shards which I put on top.

Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter book review - if you are after a book to read that's perfect to curl up in front of the heater then this is it. I loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone who is after a good read. Check out my review for more details and info.

NIV Pocket Floral Notebook Bible - I've never been a fan of huge bibles, they are just hard to carry round, heavy and I find them hard to handle (don't get me wrong I own a large bible but I rarely use it) and when my Grandma got me my first backpack bible for my birthday many years ago I haven't looked back. Recently the time had come for a new bible and I wanted the replacement to be a similar size, I had seen this bible a while ago and I loved it so when the time to retire the bible that my Grandma had given me (the Soul Surfer backpack bible) I knew this would be the one. It's small but the font isn't too small, had a ribbon bookmark, back pocket (I am always storing bits of paper in my bible!) and it doesn't look like a bible. While I am sad to retire my current bible I am happy to start a new journey with this one.

Rainbow Brolly by Smiggle - with Winter upon us, it means we will soon some get some rainy days which I love but I also seem to get stuck in rain showers so I always make sure to have an umbrella with me. I love the colours of this one and think it adds a pop colour on an otherwise grey day. It's small and compact so it can fit in your handbag for those moments you get stuck in showers and you need to run from the car to shops, race into work or fill up your car with fuel (the other week I got drenched filling up my car as the shelter at the petrol station was useless). Plus Smiggle umbrellas really hold up well, I have one that is 4 years old and still going strong. I can't wait to use this umbrella this Winter.

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