Thursday, January 25, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

I know it is Thursday but tomorrow is a public holiday so it makes sense to have Friday Favourites today.
I officially enrolled in Tafe last Monday which was scary as it now feels real, my first day is this coming Monday and I have 4 really full on days with Wednesdays off (which is good as it means I get a chance to recharge). One of my concerns about the days is working out where to fit in my psych appointments as my psych only works Tuesdays and I really don't want to miss class but I can't miss psych appointments. I texted my concerns to my psych and we moved my appointment back a week so I won't miss the first Tuesday class (I had an appointment on the 30th) and she has written me a note to give to my lecturer explaining the situation. I am told my Tafe has really good student support services which is good to know if I ever need them (I can't say at this stage). I think my biggest issue will be building up my stamina and reminding myself its ok to feel overwhelmed.

I've been having a nice quietish week, as I know next week will be really draining. It's been nice to take it easy and apart from an employment agency meeting (to get me suspended from attending appointments as I am studying which counts as a job seeking activity) this week has been relatively stress free.

Moving onto Friday (well Thursday) Favourites:

Cat pencil case - I needed a new pencil case for TAFE despite having quite a few pencil cases of course but they were either too big or too small (or I was using them for storing other things other than pencils), I have had my eye on this one for quite a while and was able to grab it during the sales when it was 20% off. It's a great size and fits everything I need perfectly.

Fade to Us by Julia Day (out 6th of February) - This was a really enjoyable book and it was nice to see Asperger's representation in a female character instead of a male character which is what is often shown (males are more likely to be on the spectrum). Brooke was a likeable character and it was great to see her grow throughout the book and admit to herself what she really wanted.
Natalie was a really well thought out character and it was obvious that a lot of time researching Asperger's went into writing this novel. I liked how Natalie was aware that she was different but embraced it and knew her limits.
I had no idea where the book was going but was pleasantly surprised and liked how the theme of family really tied it together.
It was a great book and one that I hope people will take a chance on and enjoy as much as I did.
the blub reads:
Fade to Us is a story about found families, the bond of sisterhood, and the agony and awe of first love.      Brooke’s summer is going to be EPIC— having fun with her friends and a job that lets her buy a car. Then her new stepfather announces his daughter is moving in. Brooke has always longed for a sibling, so she’s excited about spending more time with her stepsister. But she worries, too. Natalie has Asperger’s–and Brooke’s not sure how to be the big sister that Natalie needs.                                                                                                                                     After Natalie joins a musical theater program, Brooke sacrifices her job to volunteer for the backstage crew. She’s mostly there for Natalie, but Brooke soon discovers how much she enjoys being part of the show. Especially sweet is the chance to work closely with charming and fascinating Micah–the production’s stage manager. If only he wasn’t Natalie’s mentor…                                                                                                                                                        When summer comes to an end, will Brooke finally have the family she so desperately wants–and the love she’s only dreamed about?
Butterfly Foundation Canvas bag (not the exact pattern I have but similar) - I have no idea if I will be needing text books for my course, but unlike last time where I had a bag that I used for everything (not just study) this time round I wanted a bag this time round that was just for study. As I will also be taking my handbag to class, I didn't want something really big (though still big enough for text books) but still sturdy and this one looks like a fun bag and being canvas it's also sturdy.

Jeanswest Sale - easily half my wardrobe is from Jeanswest and I love it when they have sales. The quality of their clothes is amazing and I have items from them that I have been wearing for 3 seasons now and they are still going strong! It's gotten to the point that I know my size in their clothes (well for jeans and tops, dresses are always trickier for me) and I'm a gold level member which means free shipping (even on sale items) so if I see something I like and I know it's my style I don't hesitate to order it online. I ended up ordering 2 new tops (this one and this one) in the sale which were both down to $20 (from $60 and $50) which I didn't really need but I figured with starting Tafe next week some new clothes wouldn't go astray.

Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel - I just finished book and really loved it, I loved it so much that after I read it on my Kobo I ended up ordering it online to put on my bookshelf! It was such a different topic and you could tell that Alyssa put a lot into researching face transplants to make it as accurate as possible. It was really cleverly written and I loved how the book was broken up into seasons which is represented what Maisie was going through. I can't recommend this book enough!
The blurb reads:
When Maisie Winters wakes up, she’s in the hospital. 
The last thing she remembers is running through the hills of her neighborhood one misty morning. Slowly, she puts the pieces together: Before she could make it home, a storm gathered. Lightning hit a power line and sparks rained down, the hot-burning electrical fire consuming her. Destroying her face. Where her nose, cheeks, and chin used to be, now there is . . . nothing.
Maisie’s lucky enough to qualify for a rare medical treatment: a face transplant. At least, everyone says she’s lucky. But with someone else’s features staring back at her in the mirror, Maisie looks—and feels—like a stranger. The doctors promised that the transplant was her chance to live a normal life again, but nothing feels normal anymore. Before, she knew who she was—a regular girl who ran track and got good grades, who loved her boyfriend and her best friend. Now, she can’t even recognize herself.

Acclaimed author Alyssa Sheinmel has created a gripping and gorgeously written tale of identity and love. This is a story of losing yourself, and the long, hard fight to find your way back

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