Friday, February 9, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

This past week has been very full on! Its been my first full week of Tafe and I'm really loving my course. I feeling overwhelmed (which is understandable) as I have been given all my assignments and what's expected of me at my course, but bring it on!
I haven't been trying to do much else other than making sure I survive Tafe and keeping my anxiety in check. I saw my psych on Tuesday which was good and something I needed, I've also been trying to get in lots of down time where possible and not plan too much.  I did however see The Greatest Showman with Jocelyn on Tuesday night and I can see what all the hype is about, Hugh Jackman is amazing and it's a great family movie.

Onto Friday Favourites:

Greenhouse Academy season 2 - next Wednesday season 2 is finally released (so if you're single like me throw in a tub of ice cream, maybe a cat or two and your Valentines Day plans are sorted haha) and I am so excited! I'm currently re-watching it for the 4th (?) time to get ready to binge all of season 2. I really like this show and I have no idea why but it's drawn me in despite it not being something I would normally watch. Also this song from it is currently stuck in my head, please send help!

This what anxiety looks like (for me) blog post - this took me a long time to write down but I am so glad I did! It gives a closer look into what goes on in my head an update on how my Tafe studies are going. I am so proud with how I've coped and I'm really enjoying my course, of course today I am dead after 2 full on days but I am happy and feel like I am finally getting somewhere. At this stage I'm just praying I find/get a good prac placement, as I want to start getting up my hours sooner rather than later (I need 120 prac hours and don't want to do it full time for four straight weeks).

Dusk 8 pack soy candle sampler - this was my reward to myself for surviving last week, I really like Dusk candles and find their soy range really nice and the scents not too overpowering. I like how I get to try a range of different scents (including 2 of my favourites - raspberry rosewater and watermelon lemonade) and the candles are so cute while also being a decent size. You could even buy the pack and give the individual candles away as gifts if you wanted.

Everyday movie - I always find at the start of the year there's always a stack of movies I go see at the movies but as the year goes on less get released that I get excited about. This is one those films I intend to see at the movies, I saw the trailer at the movies on Tuesday night and despite seeing it multiple times before (YouTube black holes are real!) I really loved it. It's such an interesting concept and seems like such a great film, the book is currently on my to read list to but whether I read it before or after I see the film is another matter! 

Smash Lunch Bowl - I'm not a huge sandwich fan and would much rather take a salad, soup, leftovers  (we have access to microwaves on campus) or something not a sandwich to Tafe if given the option. The problem is that it can be hard to find containers that are big enough for a decent size portion, won't leak and are microwavable. I was thrilled when I found this among the back to school stuff at Coles and it's been a great container. It fits a decent amount in it, while not being too big or bulky and its microwavable if I take things that need to be reheated up. So far I've had no complaints and it even comes in cute colours (I have the pale blue) which is a fun bonus.

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