Friday, March 9, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

Yay for the weekend! I've officially handed in 3 assignments, many more to go! I actually have assignments due every week until my prac (minus the 2 weeks break) which means I've started the crazy part of my studies. Next week actually have 3 assignments due as I'm away the following week due to going over east to celebrate ReachOut's 20th, which is exciting! I couldn't miss it and I'm so thrilled to be going plus it's a Community Service organisation so I feel I should be able justify missing class to go. Thankfully my lecturers seem to agree with me as long as I get my assignments in on time.

Apart from study this week has just been crazy in general and I've been doing a bit of self care after a crazy (but fun!) church camp. I ended up running the quiz night (I did it last year as well) with only 3 days notice and no one could tell. I've been told that it's now my 'thing' to do for camp so bring on next years!

On Wednesday I managed to fall down the stairs on campus and sprain my right ankle, the stairwell is dim so I couldn't see a step and missed it then my ankle buckled (which I'm used to happening due to be double jointed) when I tried to regain my footing and I fell down 3 steps and landed on the ankle that buckled. I gave 2 of my classmates a scare and I thought I was fine but within a couple of hours my ankle had swelled and it was painful. I was complaining to my mum and sister about why did it happen to me and my sister said 'Don't you mean why didn't it happen to you sooner?!' such a sympathetic sister! I've put it in a pressure bandage and just trying to take it easy for the time being.
I ended up filling out an incident report form on campus, so I will see what happens with that but I doubt we will get better lighting in the stairwell anytime soon.

Moving onto Five Friday Favourites:

Pastel Rainbow Umbrella - did I need this umbrella? Not really but that didn't stop me from buying it last week.  I find the Smiggle umbrellas really hold up well and the colours on this one are so pretty! Its a bit metallic and sparkly to, so perfect to brighten up an outfit on a wet day :) you can also buy a plain rainbow one if pastels aren't your thing (I bought it last year and everyone loves it).

Wonder on DVD - I saw this movie in the theatres and it was so good! It's heart warming and the story is really well told, also the acting is beautiful in it. It's one of those that people of all ages and backgrounds could get something out of and really shows all sides to the story.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palette vol. 2 - I was minding my own business last Monday when I got an email saying that Tarte had a buy one get on half price sale with free shipping sale for 6 hours only. So two of these palettes made it into my cart (one for me and one for a gift). I wanted a smallish palette that I could take when I head over to east in a couple of weeks and this one looks perfect, plus you don't need a primer for the shadows either which is great. The colours are also very versatile and there's a decent range for all skin tones.

Cat Bracelet: Shine - this is such a cute delicate bracelet and a fun way to show your love of cats. I've been eyeing this off for my sister (who wears mostly gold, I wear silver) for a while so when it came down to half price I grabbed it and the pictures don't do it justice.  It's perfect to wear anywhere and the charms on it are so cute!

Burden of Truth - I was pleasantly surprised when I started watching this show and despite the main character being a lawyer its in no way a legal drama. When big city lawyer, Joanna Hanley returns to her hometown to try and settle a case with a vaccine company and girls who are getting sick supposedly from the vaccine. She has no idea what she is in for and just how many girls are affected and that reason behind it is much bigger than just a vaccine. Once you start watching this series you won't be able to stop and I am interested to see where it goes!

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