Friday, March 23, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

After a whirlwind trip over east (full recap coming soon!) for ReachOut's 20th, I am back and ready to get back into life or mainly assignments!

I spent Monday doings some window shopping and assignments, the due dates of which are slowly looming! I am loving my course but I am convinced some of these assignments will be the end of me haha!
Tuesday I finally saw my doctor about my ankle, I figured I should get it checked out before my trip as it wasn't improving and wanted to make sure I was doing all I could do. I ended up needing an x-ray which turned what should've been a straightforward appointment into a somewhat complicated appointment. Thankfully it was a quick in and out for the  x-ray but I am kicking myself for not seeing my doctor earlier and walking around on a potientially broken ankle!
I also finished binging The Night Shift, I always find its bittersweet to finish a show you really enjoyed watching.
Then Wednesday until today I was over east and I have just gotten home and doing lots of self-care :)

Also for those wanting to know I did actually fracture my ankle but thankfully I just need to keep it strapped and stay off it as much as possible over the next few weeks along with seeing a physio. So its the best case of a worse case scenario.

Quite a few of this weeks Favourites are linked into to what I wore over east, I found myself needing a distraction from studying so what better way than to focus to what to wear to such an awesome occasion?

Now for Friday Favourites:
Esma flats in silver - I really wanted a new pair of shoes to wear for ReachOut's 20th celebrations. The dress code was neat casual so while I was thankful not to have to pack a dress and wear heels (especially as I had sprained my ankle 2 weeks prior!), I still wanted to look nice. For some reason I had it in my mind that I wanted super sparkly glittery flats preferably in silver and when I saw these online I was thrilled. Of course I find with flats I need to try them on (I have love/hate relationship with how flats fit) but thankfully when I tried them in the store they fitted perfectly. They were a great shoe to wear to the event and really glammed up my outfit (I wore black jeans, a nice top, dangly earrings and completed the look with glitter eyeshadow) a bonus is that they didn't take up much space in my luggage. Also for those wondering I did wear a pressure bandage with the flats to help my ankle and I had no issues.

Lush Knot-wraps - I got given a lush gift pack for Christmas and it was wrapped in a knot-wrap which I really liked and found myself using to add some extra colour into my wardrobe. With Winter coming up the bulk of my wardrobe is black and grey I figured I should buy a couple more to throw into rotation. I tend to use them to just add colour when I style my hair (I tie them round my ponytail) but there are so many uses for them. I ended up buying two limited edition ones, Psycheggdelic and April Showers  both of which are bright and fun.

Coin Drop Earrings in silver - dangly earrings really suite me I am told, so I have quite a collection which I wear regularly. These were an online impulse purchase one night and I really love them, they are quite long but really delicate and light. I can only wear sterling silver or gold due to a metal allergy so these earrings were a steal for the price and quality. I ended up wearing these for ReachOut's 20th celebrations and they complimented my silver flats perfectly.

Life Sentence - what if despite being told you were dying you weren't? This is Stella's (Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale) life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and living each day like it was her last she is cured of cancer (thanks to a new experimental medical treatment) and now has to face a future she never thought she would have. I'm really enjoying this show mainly because the concept has never been done before (though it does have a bit of a Chasing Life vibe) and it's a great new perspective on life. It's done by the creators of Scrubs (Bill Lawrence) so you know it's good and I'm interested to see where it goes.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink - I've struggled to find a long lasting matte lipstick that I like until now. Every matte lipstick is either too dry, doesn't stay on for long, or is impossible to put on without painting your face in the process. I was really hesitant to try this lipstick but I knew I needed a lipstick for over east that would go the distance so I wouldn't have to reapply every few hours, I took the plunge last Wednesday and bought a tube (I bought it in Dreamer which is nice neautral pink) and I'm impressed! I decided to put to the test last Thursday morning, I applied it at 8.00am, went to class, had a snack, drank water, had pasta for lunch and it still looked decent after lunch. I came home, had dinner (meat and salad) then went out for San Churros with friends and had ice cream, after all that it was minimal wear (just on the insides of my lips), it then came off with only a bit of scrubbing (micellar water really helped). I will say you need to let dry after you apply it and if you are like me who applies lip balm before lipstick to leave at least an hour before you put it on so the balm has time to sink into the lips.

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