Friday, July 20, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

Another week another Friday Favourites, my first week of studying is done which is great and I will say its nice to only have to be on campus for 2 days even if they are long (9.00am-4.30/5.00pm). I got home on Wednesday (which was my first day) and just crashed, I couldn't believe how tired I was and I was so relieved that I only had to go to class the next day.
I think with studying something like Community Services self-care is SO important because the classes can be focusing on rather intense topics and subjects. My lecturer on Thursday was really good in reminding us to take time for self-care once we got home and that its totally fine to be feeling overwhelmed, it was nice to have a lecturer focused on mental health and being so supportive.
Despite returning to the same campus and having a few familiar classmates in my class, I still found my anxiety was strong and I did consider more than once running to student support services for an escape but I didn't. The first week of anything new will be hard and overwhelming and I'm trying to teach myself to embrace those feelings and own them as long as I don't let them get in the way of moving forward. I have a meeting with student support services next week which will be good, I find that for me just knowing I have consistent support and people I can confide in really helps keep my anxiety at bay.

Moving on to Friday Favourite, I think its safe to say I may have a bit of an online shopping problem!

Erika Border Print Tank - I saw this top when I was buying Winter clothes, I tried it on and loved it, the cut was flattering and I didn't have anything quite like it in my wardrobe. But I couldn't justify buying a top for Summer as it was cooling down. Thankfully it went on sale and I could justify buying it, even if it won't be worn until it gets warmer! It's such a cute top and Jeanswest clothes are amazing quality (80% of my wardrobe is from there) and last for ages so I know it will get worn a lot.

FRIENDS Graphic Hoodie - hard to believe but I only have one hoodie in my wardrobe which happens to be my ReachOut hoodie which I love, but I realised having another hoodie couldn't be a bad thing. I love the TV show Friends and I have a 90s themed event coming up too and according to the internet Friends is 90s so I figured I could kill many birds with one stone by buying this hoodie. A bonus was that it was 30% off on online and I have a $10 voucher to use so I only paid $10 for it and I did click and collect which means once I get a text message/email I can go down to my local store (which happens to be one of the pick up store options) to pick it up saving on shipping.

Sprinkles Clutch - this clutch was a part of Studio DIYs Can't Clutch This subscription which as much as I would love to subscribe to, I really can't justify the cost or needing the clutches every month (as it is I already have enough clutches that I don't use and take up space in my wardrobe!). This was the one clutch I really wanted as I almost signed up because of it but I resisted and just dreamed of it, vowing if it was ever rereleased I would buy it. Thankfully it was rereleased as a one off, so I grabbed it ASAP ignoring the money exchange rates and shipping costs (which actually weren't too bad considering, it cost me around $50 AUD in total which was decent). I love the colours, design and just how fun it is, if it had glitter on it and silver hardware it would be me as a clutch haha! I now just need to work out how I can fit the contents of my handbag into this clutch so I can use it all the time, which at this stage will be impossible so I will just have to use it every moment I can.

Midnight Sun - I have just bought this movie and I couldn't wait to watch it, its such a great fun film and I really enjoyed the storyline. Though I will warn you you may shed a few tears and it's not a typical teen movie and quite unexpected.
One of my favourite ways to do self-care is by watching a fun chick flick and just tuning out the world for a couple of hours. Don't get me wrong I love to watch tv shows (and most nights I watch at least one episode of a show to unwind) but there's something about a movie how it can distract you fully for a block of time with no breaks in between episodes that helps me feel recharged. On Tuesday night I watched Kiss and Cry which I just love and I actually watched the night before I started my Cert. 4 at the start of the year (so it's now a bit of a tradition I guess?) and it was nice to focus on a great movie as a distraction.

Limited-edition tartiest lip trio - I love Tarte and while I have quite a few of their eyeshadow palates I hadn't yet tried their lipsticks and thought this trio would be a good place to start. I really like the colours though they are bit darker than I normally wear and they have great staying power too, which is great when you're running around and don't want to worry about reapplying. I also love how they aren't full size as I find I go through phases with wearing lipsticks and if I really love these I can buy the full size.

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