Friday, June 17, 2011

Glee Finale Season 2 :D

Who watched the season finale of Glee the other night? I did and I loved it! In a sense I was glad that they came 12th instead of somewhere in the top 10 as that gives them something to aim for this coming season (season 3 which will probably air in september sometime going from when season 2 aired and everything I have read online has told me new episodes will air in Fall in America which is our Spring). I thought it was the perfect end to this season I loved how Finn and Rachel got back togeather I was really annoyed when they broke up halfway through this past season. Also the songs they sang were amazing I mean those guys are sooo talented! So here are my predictions for what will happen in season 3 (based on what I have read and my own theories):
  • Finn and Rachel will stay togeather they will have their struggles but will work through them.
  • Sam and Mercedes will be togeather for awhile but may break up (I'm not sure).
  • Quinn will get a new guy (they have mentioned that there will be 3 new charcters coming this season).
  • Blaine and Kurt will stay togeather but break up breifly and thenBlaine will transfer over to Mckinley as the competion between the two schools is to great, to save their relationship.
  • Will and Emma will get married and the glee club will perform at their wedding (I am being really hopeful here!)
  • They will win nationals or come 2nd or 3rd :)
Here are my predictions I will be sure to keep tabs to see if my predictions are close or true and update them here :)

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