Sunday, June 12, 2011

A memory

I have an image memory in my mind one that came to me when I was folding my papers, I got reminded of it because my hands were freezing! So heres the image:
Its around 10.30 at night, its summer, we (about 10-15 people) are on rocks near the beach, you can here the water lapping on the rocks below.   As its down south its freezing around 5 degrees, the cold slices through us like a knife. Everyone is wearing jeans, and jackets, most are wearing enclosed shoes but some (maybe 2) are wearing thongs (flip flops). We are all sitting on the rocks staring up at the stars which light up the sky. Its silent for a while then we get talking, most of the time its about how cold it is or how beautiful the sky is. Then you* and your friend begin singing a bicycle built for two each taking turns saying one word, it makes me laugh. We then chat for a while and I make the comment 'How can you go bare foot, its freezing!' you laugh and say 'It's a tough job but someones got to do it.'
Thats the memory the one I can't seem erase and don't want to.
*you refers to a person whom I'm not going to name here.

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