Friday, February 10, 2012

Anxiety Attack

Right now, I should be walking to the bus so I can head to TAFE, but I'm not. Yesterday morning, I awoke with a bit of anxiety and despite some struggles I went to TAFE, I was going fine until it was morning break time and then I began to loose it, so determined not to totally loose it I distracted myself and when into class kinda ok (my eyes were red from beginning to cry but that was it) then for now reason I had a full on anxiety attack, I was struggling to catch my breath and could not calm down (no matter how hard I tried!), I ended up being sent home (my lecturer was very understanding and said that it wasn't my fault even though I felt it was), where I couldn't sit or stay still, I wanted to go to sleep but the moment I laid down I was restless this went on for the rest of the day. I posted about it on facebook and all my friends were very understanding which was nice. This morning I awoke and my anxiety immeadiatly kicked back in so there was no way I would be going to TAFE today.

The last time I had an anxiety was when I was 12 and that was before I got help. I have never experienced anything like what I had yesterday and that scares me as it could easily happen again. I have no idea what I should do about it, and feel like a failure even though I had no power to control it. So now I guess I have to pray about what I should I do about it.

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