Thursday, February 2, 2012

TAFE Orientation

I had my TAFE orientation today and I think I did ok, I caught 2 buses and arrived with time to spare. I honestly had no idea how today would go, I was worried that my anxiety would take over me and I would leave the house in hysterics or something, thankfully that didn't happen, instead I found myself enjoying it at times. The orientation was for business and finance students (around 50 I'm guessing), the finance students were about a 3rd of the people at the orientation the rest were business and then only around 7 of them were doing Business Administration cert 3 (the course I am doing). The funny thing is (and God defiently had a hand in it) as I was walking from the bus stop to TAFE I met a girl who was doing the exact same course as me and we hit it off, so I already have one friend in the course which I am hapy about. I am sorry that this is so short but I am falling asleep as I am typing this so I am off to bed!

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