Friday, June 29, 2012

Hard to Focus

Life has been hectic to say the least things have been happening and its only been the past two days when I have been able to relax as life has been so hectic! I finished TAFE on Wednesday and its a relief to end it and to not have to go back, the past few weeks I have had no motivation at all but thankfully I passed all my units so all is good, now to find a job :)

My Grandma is currently in hospital as she fell out of bed for the 3rd time in three days and is in alot of pain due to her back (she can barely stand and walk due to the pain). She went in on Sunday morning and we have no idea when she will be out though she will move to a rehabilitation ward when they have a place for her (not that its going to help we just have no idea what to do), its hard but God is good and we can only hope he will guide us what to do next about her. So pray that we are able to work out what to do.

I keep getting glances of my reflection in doors and mirrors and I can't believe that its me! I have honestly never felt this good about myself in ages. It seems that I have lost weight due to walking everywhere (walking to bus stops ect) and am eating more healthy (maybe thats due to having to cut down on dairy as my intolerance has flared up big time?) but I feel and look great.

So I have recently discovered this blog written by a young Christian guy Grant and its amazing to say the least. It's a great read and gets you to think about various topics that I am sure pop up in your mind. He is also on twitter and his tweets always get me to think or point out something that I have never realised before. Check it out you won't regret it his posts are truely works of art (I would like to see him publish a book one day).

I turn 18 in just under 3 months and I honestly can't believe it that soon I will be an adult and not considered a child.

Anyway this post has been random but its like my mind at the moment I have so many things going on its hard to focus on one thing.

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