Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a Hard Christian Life but a Life Worth Living

Its tough being a Christian in todays world, when we put our faith in god we knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I guess none of us thought it would be this hard. We are CONSISTENTLY judged, with the whole gay marriage debate most people think we're selfish because we don't agree with them, people think that we are going to shove Christiany down their throats and people secretly think we're crazy. Yes in Australia we are lucky in the fact we are able to be Christian and not killed for believing in God and speak freely about it but its still hard. I have been shunned, bullied and teased of being Christian I have had teachers target me saying how bad the church is and telling me there is no God, fellow students have avoided me. Ask any Christian and they will all have similar experiences and its sad.

The whole gay marriage debate? We don't hate gays, we just disapprove of their lifestyle choices and honestly marriage is between a man and a women end of the story. Quit thinking we hate gays, we don't and its annoying when you think we do.
Abortion? Abortion equals murder, we were all once foetuses its self explanitory really.
We are all open to our opinions yet it seems our opinions don't matter and are stupid most of the time, I'm sure it would be different if we agreed with everyone on the above topics but we don't.

So why do we still openly talk about God and wear Christianity with pride? Because God is so amazing and loving that we want everyone to know about him how he sent he son to die on the cross and created this world from nothing. 

People will always judge us and yes it will still hurt after its happened for the 100th and 1000th times but with God on our side we always have someone to help us pick up the pieces.

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