Thursday, June 14, 2012

Study Tips

Today I won  contest which was put on by Stabilo (you know the awesome stationary brand). Basically you had to submit your best study tips and they choose the three that stood out and mine was one of them, I NEVER win anything so this is a big deal. So here are the tips I submitted:
  • Eat healthy! Try and avoid anything with loads of sugar as it won’t keep you motivated for long, instead eat protein rich snacks while you are studying. Things like almonds, trail mix, hard boiled egg, plain popped pop corn, fruit and veggie sticks all keep you concentrated which means you are able to study for longer and your brain will absorb the information better. Avoid or limit caffeine and instead stick to water. On the day of the exam have a good breakfast such as scrambled eggs on toast, fruit salad and yogurt, porridge with nuts stirred through or baked beans on toast, these will keep you full which means your stomach won’t be rumbling during the exam!
  • Get a good nights rest! DON’T try and pull a few all nighters studying leading up to the exam, it will make you tired and your study won’t be as thorough and detailed as it could be. Whereas if you have had a good nights rest you will be able to concentrate and process the information better, aim to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Take short breaks! Rather than study for a full five hours with no breaks aim to study for one hour blocks with a 15 minute break between each, this means your mind won’t turn off.
  • Block out distractions! Find an area which is free of distractions and turn all iPods, phones and other electronics. Also make sure your family and other people in your house realise that you are studying and avoid that area of the house.
  • Study Notes! These take a bit of time each day but are worth it. At the end of each day take dot points (in a separate notebook for each subject) of what you have learnt and do each one in a different colour (as it makes the information easier to remember) at the end of each week summarise the dot points for each subject (at the end of every week look back at all the weekly summaries to refresh your memory). This means that the information has already been committed to memory a few (hundred?) times so you won’t have to study as hard, it also makes studying A LOT easier (you also won’t have to panic as much if the lecturer/teacher springs a test on you!).
Though I haven't had to study heaps due to the classes I choose but I have used these tips and have found them very helpful.

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