Wednesday, September 5, 2012

18 years in Numbers

I'm turning 18 in a 1 and a half weeks so I thought I would do a series of posts title '18 years in...' I have decided to start with numbers.

8- the number of houses I have lived in.
1060-how old I was in days when my first sister was born
1484-how old I was in days when my second sister was born
2-the number of primary schools I went to
2-the number of high schools I went to
2-the number of times I have flown interstate
17- the number of years I have known my oldest friend
5-the number of churches I have belonged to
7-the number of cats I have ever owned (including current ones)
11.45pm-the time I was born
14-how many days I was overdue
3-number of places I have worked
15-my favourite number
11-number of cousins I have
10-age I was when my Grandfather died
3-number of computing awards I won in high school
170-amount of friends I have on facebook
6-the number of hours it takes to travel to my favourite place in the world
2-the number of piercings I have in each ear
3-number of phones I have had
47-how many albums I have on iTunes
10.30pm-the average time I go to sleep each night

This is just a bit of my life in numbers, I know it could go on but I wanted to keep it short.

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