Thursday, November 29, 2012

Small world

Sorry for being absent lately but life has been crazy. We had two students staying with us as they were doing mission at my parents church before they go to a conference (on a bus) over east so that has been fun. One of the events they organised was a night on how to evangalise and ways to do it which was great as I have a few non Christian friends and I have been wondering how to reach them. The other night was a girls night where you could share your testimony if you wanted. My physcologist said that I am at the stage where I need to test my anxiety so both events were able to put me out of my comfort zone. I shared my testimony at the girls night which I was hesitant to do but somehow managed to do it. It helped that I knew a few people from my own church that were doing mission at my parents church.

I am constantly amazed at how small the world is one of the girls who stayed with us actually visited my church with few others a while ago (and I thought she was dating a guy as they were similar glasses and came in together!) which was a nice suprised and I loved getting to know her more. I met a guy who was also on mission who knew a guy at my church really well too, being Christian I guess you will always have links with everyone!

I came away from the past few days feeling really encouraged as a Christian and made me wish I was going to uni so I could get involved with the Christian Union and Bus Trip saying that I don't think I could survive uni so I am thankful that I get meet to all these wonderful people through various events and people.

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