Thursday, August 1, 2013

Waiting sucks

I haven't heard back from the application I submitted almost 2 weeks ago, I am beginning to think that its another door that has shut in my face. I mean when I did get confirmation that they received my application they said the short listing would take 2 weeks and if I didn't hear from them I wouldn't have been successful. Pretty much if I don't hear back by tomorrow I won't have proceeded to the next round. I want a chance to get an interview but I have no idea if I will get that chance.
I have been battling a cold (its been doing the rounds of the family) and yesterday was my first day of being out since I had got it and today I crashed. I cancelled my driving lesson and ventured out to get food and a magazine then returned home to watch TV and relax. Tomorrow I will try and get out of the house for at least the morning just because I know I can't stand another day of waiting for the phone to ring. I have no idea what I will do but I want to get lost in a sense discover places that I haven't been to and visit places that I haven't had a chance to.
For now I am going to get lost in a book and pray that God know's what he's doing.

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