Monday, August 19, 2013

My life isn't mine

Sorry for being absent from this blog but I have been down south doing some (more) work experience for my old principal at a high school last week and before that I just needed to take some time out. I enjoyed getting more experience and I was able to work a full week no problems this was tested even more stay with staying at a family friends whom I didn't know very well to begin with. It was fun but there is no place like home and I missed Alfie :)

On Saturday I returned home and had to go to the shops to get some stuff for dinner, I was picking up some cheese and I ran into a parent of 2 of the students who did music lessons at the music school where I used to work. It turns out she is now working there (taking over my old job) and enjoying it after finding out her boys were ect she asked how I was and what I was doing I had no idea what to say, should I tell her that I didn't get the job I wanted so badly and am now unemployed? Should I tell her that life is going well when it isn't? In the end I told her a mix of the two that I was unemployed but I had just done a week down south getting some more experience. She then asked how I was going personally and I simply told her that I had come to the conclusion that my life isn't mine and I have no idea what each day will bring. I am sure I left her confused (I don't think she knew that I was a Christian) but that was the truth, my life isn't mine and I literally take each day at a time.

Today was good example of that, I was trying to do an application for a job (it didn't get done, I got sidetracked more on that later) and the phone rang, I ignored it and tried to concentrate on the application but when my mobile rang I answered it not sure who it could be. It was a family friend who had helped me get the interview for the job in local government (which I just missed out on, but have since realised it was for the best) saying that temp work had come up in the records department it would be for a minimum of two weeks (full time) and it was mine if I wanted it, without hesitation I said yes. Tomorrow I head down there to sort out the paperwork and next Monday I start, its crazy but if it wasn't for the last week doing work experience full time I don't think I would be as willing to do this temp work. Once again I am proving people wrong and are realising that God has my life under control, even if I don't

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