Friday, August 30, 2013

Temp work: week 1

A week of temp work done!!! Its been busy, consistent and fun to do something, I pretty much take staples out of building licenses and get paid to do it :) After a week of working 35 hours with no anxiety troubles I believe I am ready to head into full time work. I am sure that working in a place I am familar with has something to do with it but its changed so much since I was there 2 years ago and I am working in a different area with people I don't know. I am tired, but thats to be expected and my anxiety has stayed away, sure I was nervous on the first day but thats normal regardless of if you have anxiety or not :)

I am still unsure what my next step is and that drives me crazy, I have just over 2 weeks until my 19th Birthday and I have no idea whether I stick with looking for admin work or look into other areas. I have one more week of this placement *but* it could be extended for an additional week or two it just depends on a lot of things. I have also (once again) applied for a job at the university I did work experience at and am praying that I get an interview there, this is my 3rd time applying for a job there and I am praying that this application is enough to land me an interview.

I am slowly thinking about summer and today during my lunch break I got this cute dress from Jeans West (I had been eyeing it off for a day or two) which is perfect for spring and summer. It was $70 but as I am apart of the reward club I got 10% off so it was only $63 and I know its expensive but its such good quality plus I think it can pass for office wear :) I can't wait to wear it as soon as the weather starts to warm up. Yes I am a shopaholic (tomorrow I am dragging my little sister shoe shopping with me) but I have been really good with my spending lately and I deserve to reward myself now and then.

Now if you excuse me I am off to bed I have a driving lesson 7.00am tomorrow and I am starting to ramble but I just thought I would give you guys an update on how I am :)

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