Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Awkward Moments When You're Unemployed

I was browsing the internet last night when I cam across a clip called 10 Awkward Moments  When You're Unemployed (clip is at the bottom of this post) and the whole time I was watching I was thinking 'that is so true!' 'I can totally relate to that!' and 'story of my life'.
There is nothing more awkward when someone asks you what you are doing with your life and you have to either give a vague answer such as 'keeping my options open' or 'seeing where God takes me' or something along the lines as 'looking for work' and/or 'God has the right job out there for me, I just need to find it' and the person who is asking you questions is super smart and in a really good job and you can't help but feel like they are judging you (I know not all people judge you on your job status but I always feel like they are).
Also being unemployed you learn how to budget (kinda) and watch what you spend and what areas you can skimp on such as eating out (and when you do, you learn/know where all the best value for money meal deals are) and what you can't toiletries and basic entertainment for one (if I am going to be stuck at home I need decent books to read thank God for discount coupons on Kobo!).
Employment agency meetings? Are a headache 95% of the time and you learn to dread them. They are filled with them asking what you have been up to and what interviews you have had then they tell you to look at other options (hellooo I had an interview 2 weeks ago and just missed out on the job I am not looking at other options yet!). Sometimes they have decent things to say, but you end up dreading them based on the 95% of the time.
I am trying to stay positive and keep trusting God about the whole experience, but since school has gone back (no younger sisters or Mum around) the whole unemployment thing hits. I have signed up to do volunteer work 1-2 mornings a week at our local op-shop so that should keep me busy and I am trying to get my 2nd phase of my learners permit too.
I know its in God's hands but unemployment is beginning to drive me crazy! I guess for know I should just keep praying and keeping busy.

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Vanessa said...

Best of luck, Erin! I hope something amazing comes your way very soon. And good luck with your writing :)