Friday, February 21, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Tom

On Monday my family and I had to say goodbye to one of our beloved cats, Tom. It was hard but we knew it was coming he had had cancer and he hadn't been acting himself over the past few weeks (hiding under beds, sneezing lots, not eating ect). We adopted him at age 2 and from the get go he was a part of our family and it's hard not to have him around. Its the small things that make me miss him and bring tears to my eyes, on Monday as I got into bed I realised that for the first time since we adopted him he wouldn't be sleeping on me and taking more than his fair share of the bed! How when we were cooking dinner he would always be under our feet and he would always be around us when we were watching TV at night.
The house is seemingly quiet even though we still have Maddy and Alfie (and Jaffa the bird!). It's hard saying goodbye to a pet and sometimes I wonder if I can ever go through loosing another cat but the good outweighs the bad dramatically. I miss Tom, he has left pawprints on my heart (and pawprints on my parents cars!) and though he can never be replaced one day we will get another cat and go back to being a 3 cat house hold

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