Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Average day

Today I spent over an hour at the licensing place trying to renew my learners in time for what will be my 3rd attempt at my practical driving test.
Today I wondered if the government knew how discriminating they are being for making me go through another medical test just to renew my learners when nothing has changed since my last medical.
Today I wished I didn't have anxiety because then it would be easy to renew my learners
Today I wished that things came easier to me like driving and that there was an easier way to explain to people about my Dyspraxia and how that affects my co-ordination making things harder for me
Today I bought a farewell card as one of my friends is going back to America never to return
Today I had an idea that could actually be possible and help unemployed young adults
Today I was thankful that I can get my medical tomorrow because Dad already has an appointment with my doctor and it will only take a few minutes
Today I wondered if things will ever get easier for me
Today I wondered if I should give up on ever getting admin work and instead find work in a café like so many people keep telling me to do
Today I once again felt helpless about my whole unemployment situation
Today I reminded myself that God is always in control and that I should never doubt him
Today was just an average day in the world of me

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