Thursday, June 12, 2014


Have you ever felt alone? Not alone in the no friends sense but alone in the I-feel-like-I-am-the-only-one-going-through-this sense?
Currently that's me, I have great friends and family and feel blessed to have them yet I still feel alone. I get that I'm not the only unemployed that I know but I'm the one whose been unemployed the longest and is seriously wanting to give up. I apply for any job I can and pray that something anything comes of it, yet nothing ever does. I am feeling the pressure put on by the government as job seeker payments are under review and after the 1st of July things will change. I have great experience and referees there is nothing wrong with my resume or that I could do differently. I am organising volunteer work at a local hospital helping sort through various things and doing general admin jobs where needed, yes its only one day a week but it shows employers that I'm not sitting around doing nothing. If the job market wasn't so tough I would get a job easily but its hard and it seems that the job seekers under 30 are feeling the brunt of it. I guess I just want a purpose some place where I can go and feel that I am needed rather than trying to fill my days with watching episodes of random TV shows and baking.
Of course I need to remind myself that I am never truly alone because as long as you have God you will always have company even when it feels like its just you against the world.

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