Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!!

My baby sister is 17 today!!! How has she grown up so fast?! Next year she will legally be an adult which is scary when it seems like only yesterday she came home from the hospital (I actually remember the day she arrived home) and made our family complete. As she is 17 here are 17 things I love about her :)
  1. She has learnt to endure the nickname Pumpkin which I have given her. I have no idea when I started calling her that but despite her telling me to stop multiple times she has given up and now endures.
  2. She has a caring heart. Despite being only 17 she has gone to 2 different countries to do mission work and has dreams to become a midwife and do that in a developing country.
  3. She doesn't judge me when I make questionable online purchases (well she might but she hasn't said anything yet!).
  4. She did a massive clean out of my room on Sunday and refused to take any form of payment afterwards. I am pretty sure I now have 50% less items because she and Mum did a major cull.
  5. She can do Pinterest worthy cakes, for my 21st she did such an amazing job of decorating and baking my cake. She watched multiple YouTube videos on how to decorate it and did such an amazing job.
  6. She can somehow guess who I am crushing on and then teases me about it relentlessly. Ok maybe I don't it love it but its a sister thing that she does.
  7. She hates surprises and before Christmas if given the chance she will carefully unwrap a gift just to find out what's inside then rewrap it and no one will know.
  8. She can do professional grade make up and hair. This comes in handy for special events (like school balls), she has also done my hair for multiple job interviews and even though she may roll her eyes at times she secretly loves it. In the past she has told me to sit down and she will straighten my hair just because she is bored.
  9. She applies herself 110% to her studies and has the grades to prove it.
  10. She is an extremely talented artist and has such a unique delicate style. Her art teacher also loves her (mind you her art teacher had me in school and loved me, so I am pretty sure its only because of me that she loves her).
  11. She is an amazing sister to Megan and knows how to handle even the toughest situations with her.
  12. She loves Alice in Wonderland and knows every movie off by heart.
  13. She has had rages over the new versions of various childhood TV shows and isn't ashamed to admit it.
  14. She puts up with a cat who likes to catch various things and set them loose (or eat them!) on the floor of her room in the early hours of the morning! I just think it shows how much Maddy loves her, though Jocelyn thinks otherwise.
  15. She is an extremely good back up GPS when needed and can read maps extremely well.
  16. She picks her friends well, all her friends are great people and I love it when they come over.
  17. All in all she is an amazing little sister and I love everything about her!
Happy Birthday Jocelyn! I hope you have an amazing day and I didn't embarrass you too much :)
You can get to know more about Jocelyn here when I made her do an interview :)

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