Thursday, February 11, 2016

ReachOut NextStep

Getting help can be hard, really hard and its hard to know what kind of help you may need during the tough times. Thankfully ReachOut has made a solution called (drumroll please!) NextStep! It's super easy to use, you just click on all the things you are feeling/experiencing and it will come up with a list of providers and resources available to you. What's so good about it, is that its so simple that you can use it while in a crisis and you're not able to focus 100%. To show you how easy it is I have put together a guide!

First things first go to, this will be the page that will appear, for those who have visited ReachOut before you will notice that the yellow bar is new and click open tool in sidebar.

This will lead you to this. There are loads of options 111 if you are being exact which is a lot, but you can get a shorter list up if you click on 'skip to shorter list' (its easy to feel overwhelmed about all the options). The reason why its such a big list is that it covers (close to) everything any young adult could be going through.

Select the ones you are going through/feeling, you can pick as many or as little as you like. For this tutorial I selected 'I feel anxious alot' because I have anxiety and feeling anxious is a big part of my life. The aim is to help you get as accurate help as possible so don't feel like you have to stick to 1 or 2  select as many as possible that relate to your situation.

I clearly only choose one so this page popped up but depending on what you click this page may or may not appear. Sometimes if its serious an Emergency Help screen may pop up which advises you to immeadiatly call one of the numbers listed to talk to someone.

I then had to help narrow down my feelings by filling out the information below including my state where I live, I was also given the option to narrow it down further if desired.

Finally after going through all the questions this is what it recommended for me.

As you can see the process couldn't be more easier and it gives good advice and resources to help you with what you are going through. The last you need to be doing when you are in a crisis to be over thinking things and NextStep takes it away by providing a wide range of options. It's well worth checking out!

*I am a Youth Ambassador for ReachOut but I was in now way forced to create the above guide I just loved NextStep so much that I had to share it with everyone.

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