Friday, February 12, 2016

The final stage

Today is my final day at work and I thought I was handling it all fine until I had an urge to bake a cake and ate 4 timtams all before 9.00am! I guess I am unsure how I should be feeling, I mean I prayed for this for years and now I am walking away from it all because I can't handle it. This past week has been filled with various appointments and trying to figure out what my next step should be and nothing is very clear at this stage!
I also have very little to do at work as I no one wants me to start anything that I won't be able to finish before I leave so the 5 hours I am there drags on and on and by the end of it I am relieved to leave.
I went to see my doctor and psychologist this past week and both confirmed what I already knew that this job wasn't for me and it would've ended badly if I had stuck it out for much longer so that is some comfort.
Next week I am taking an unofficial break because I am feeling burnt out and know I need a week to gather my thoughts and pray regarding my next step. Monday I have an appointment with my employment agency first up then I am going to spend my morning in a café by the river and read my bible and pray. Tuesday is quiet and unknown at this stage. Wednesday the day is unknown but at night I am going see the film How To Be Single with a friend and have a girls night. Thursday is again unknown and on Friday its my youngest sisters ball and I will need to run her around to hair appointments and whatnot. At some stage I will ring up a list of possible care agencies and see if they have any casual positions but again I am giving it to God. I know he gave me this job for a reason even if it was just so I could pay my car off and know that Customer Service isn't for me. I am ready to take chances and try to find my place in this world while also knowing that God has a plan for me and he knows what he is doing.

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