Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The interview

With Easter and everything I realised I didn't do a recap of my interview last Thursday.
So last Tuesday I met with my employment agency and they were thrilled that I had a job interview and insisted on driving me to it (side note: while I totally appreciated them doing it I don't think it helped so much in the big picture of things so next time I won't be letting them do it) which was nice but I did miss out on my ritual of clearing my mind, listening to some upbeat music and praying and giving it all to God. I did pray before I went in as I always do and wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.
The interview lasted around 20 minutes (which is average) and they seemed impressed with my answers and I could tell they had actually looked at my resume which was encouraging. I walked out of the interview knowing I did my best and it was all in God's hands. I have no idea whether I will get the job or not but I do know that whatever happens God has a plan for me. I will hopefully find out by Friday if I have the job or not and I'm not a fan of the waiting game to say the least! I am praying that I will be at peace with whatever happens and that the outcome is the best for me. There is not that many jobs going that I can apply for at the moment it seems that all the jobs are either too far to travel or in high anxiety work places (Law firms being the big one!) or they want me to drive a mini van (I am still figuring out how to handle a small car!).
I keep getting told that I must be an expert on interviews, resumes and cover letters by now. While I will admit that I know what to expect and how to write a decent resume and cover letter I am in no means an expert as every interview is different! I have had some interviews that go for 5 minutes (no kidding, there the ones where I feel like I should get a refund for my preparation time!) and others that go for 20-30 minutes. I have been in interviews where I have felt like I am facing a firing squad and have been told that I don't know how my anxiety works and they don't think I could handle the job or that I was lying on my resume which left me leaving the interview feeling like I was useless. I have been in interviews where I have left feeling amazing and confident (like the one I have just had) but giving it to God. I have had interviews where I have been interviewed by 1 person, and others where I have been interviewed by a panel.
Every interview is different and you never know what will happen. Sure I know the base questions; tell us about yourself? Give us some challenging situations that you have faced in the workplace and how did you handle them? What's your experience in *insert situation here* or using *insert computer program here*? but at the end of the day it all comes down to God and whether this job is in his bigger picture for you.
I can't help but pray that I get this job but I know that deep down I have done my best so its up to God to do the rest. I am praying that in the next couple of days my phone will ring with good news but it rings with bad news then I will accept that and keep moving forward. God always knows what he is doing even if at the time you have no idea and want to give up, God has it all planned out for you.

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