Friday, November 4, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

Spring has finally sprung and we are due to have our first super hot day tomorrow with temps expected in the mid 30's which is just a taste of what's to come during Summer! I actually managed to get burnt on Wednesday, I was sitting at a café out in the sun reading and didn't realise so hello odd tan lines.
Christmas is also in the air and I love looking at Christmas decorations, I went into Myer yesterday and loved seeing all the new Christmas items, though I resisted buying any (for now). I am also starting to buy gifts and I can officially cross both sisters off my lists and I hope in a couple of weeks to publish this years Christmas Gift Guide.
Today I had an employment agency meeting and met with a marketer (pretty much a persons whose job it is to market you to various companies so they will employ you), she seemed really nice and eager to help me find a job. Though I was told that there is no way of me finding employment before the end of the year, but who know's I mean God can do miracles and I know never say never when it comes to God's plan for you. I am feeling supported at my agency and always walk away feeling values and with a confidence boost, they all love me there and believe that it's just a matter of time before I find work. I would love your continued prayers in that area espicially as it can be hard to stay positive at times and I hate not knowing what's just around the corner!

It's time for Five Friday Favourites:

Saving Hope - This past week I heard that this coming season of Saving Hope will be their last and
while it's super sad, I am so happy that they are heading it on a high rather than waiting for it to fizzle out and not have a proper ending. Its a great medical drama with a supernatural twist and I love the storylines, this is coming from someone who normally avoids medical tv shows like the plague (still haven't seen an episode of Greys Anatomy), so you know its worth watching.

Fundraise for ReachOut - so after weeks of this being in the works I can officially announce that I have been featured on ReachOut under fundraising! This is such a big deal and when I was asked if I would be open to sharing a bit about my fundraising efforts I couldn't believe it. I love doing work for ReachOut and raising funds has always been something that's been a no brainer, its also helped me push myself in ways such as walking 5km for them and giving up my laptop for a whole month. I hope I can inspire others to give up or take up something and raise funds for ReachOut (or another organisation) if I can do it others can as well!

God's Not Dead - full disclosure I have yet to see this film, but its sitting on the coffee table ready to be watched and I can't wait! I have heard good things about it and it looks like a good decent Christian film, that will be watched again and again.

Candy cane bark - this stuff is addictive and super easy to make! A bonus is that you can make it now and freeze it so you have it ready to go :) its so straightforward (just melted chocolate and crushed candy cane pieces) that you don't really need a recipe to make it but here's what I did to make the one pictured:
Line 2 trays with baking paper, melt 350grms milk chocolate (I used a large Cadbury block) and evenly divide between the two trays and spread out. Place in fridge or freezer to set (10-15 minutes) while its setting melt 250grms dark chocolate (I used Cadbury melts).
Crush 250grms of (unwrapped) candy canes (I used 2 packs of the Coles ones) by breaking into smallish pieces and placing a snap lock bag and banging with a rolling pin, I suggest double bagging as the bags will split. Alternatively you can blitz in a blender or food processor until your liking (you still want to be able to identify that its candy cane pieces though) this is a much less noisy and overall easier way.
Spread the dark chocolate over the milk chocolate and sprinkle on 1/3 of the candy canes over both trays pressing down so they stick (try and use the candy cane 'dust' rather than big pieces), plus back in fridge/freezer to set.
Melt 250 grms while chocolate (again I used Cadbury melts) and drizzle/spread that over the trays topping with remaining candy canes, allow to set.
Break into pieces before placing it in an air tight container in the freezer until needed.

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel - as you will have read above I managed to get sun burnt on Wednesday and when I came home I reached for this gel without hesitation. Its a well known fact that aloe vera is a great cure for sunburn but so many of the gels don't contain that much aloe vera in them where as this is 100% aloe vera. It doesn't have sticky feeling either like other gels have after you have applied them. Its great multi use product and can be used an after shaving cream, moisturiser and even hair gel, so it will no doubt become a summer staple. * A tip is to put it in the fridge so when you apply it it will be nice, cool and extra soothing.

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