Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Up date on the job hunt

Just thought I would do a general update on how the job hunt is going, long story short ITS NOT GOING WELL!
As the year slowly comes to an end businesses post less and less jobs so that means that unless a miracle happens I won't have a job until the new year. I have always said throughout this stage in my life I will trust in God 110% and I know he has the right job out there for me. In the past few weeks I received a couple of emails regarding promising jobs I had applied for saying I wasn't successful in getting interviews, but again God knew this would happen.
My employment agency has been great and their support has been priceless. Recently I have met with a marketer  and she is amazing, her daughter has anxiety so she has seen first hand how it can affect your life. What she does is she goes around to various businesses and pushes my resume on them telling them more about me and why they should hire me, she believes that come new year she will find me a great job. Many companies are now required to have a certain percentage of staff with a 'disability' and are in the process of creating jobs with these people in mind, which is where it helps having a marketer on your side who goes to these companies and makes them aware of you (and follows up to make sure you aren't forgotten!).
I hate using the term disability when it comes to my anxiety especially as growing up Megan I have been surrounded with various forms of disability most of my life and mental illness just doesn't seem like one. Sure it can affect how I work at times but for the most part once I am settled in a job I am fine and working part time will lessen how bad my anxiety is.
I am continuing to do volunteering and along with ReachOut, every second Thursday I help out at the local youth centre doing mentoring. This past week I was chatting to some of the staff members there and it came up I had anxiety (I mentioned my ReachOut work) and neither of them could believe I have anxiety and were amazed that I was helping out in the program. I really enjoy helping people (and enjoy sharing my struggles with people if it can be of help to them) so being part of the mentoring program at the youth centre seemed like a good place to volunteer. A bonus is that gets me out of my comfort zone while still being in a supportive environment.
If you guys could continue for me in the following areas that would be great:
  • That I will get a job early on the new year (I honestly don't know how much more of unemployment I can take!).
  • That God will provide for me during this time of unemployment and give me peace during the tough times.
  • Once I get a job I will settle in to it quickly and my anxiety won't flare up and give me minimal trouble
For now I am just trying to stay focused while also enjoying this quiet period in my life and continuing to trust in God. Because at the end of the day he has a plan for me and he has always come through even if I have at time doubted him

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