Friday, June 22, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

Well I am almost done with my prac! I have 3 days left and then I am done :) I had 2 visits from my lecturer this past week and she is really impressed with what I have been learning and taking on. I have also passed all my assignments which is great. Week 2 was much the same as week 1 but I was a bit more at ease and more confident.
Next Friday my course coordinator officially signs off on my work and I will have completed a Cert. 4 in Community Services, I then have 2 weeks break and then I start on my Diploma. I'm really looking forward to going into more deeper subjects and learning more about Community Services but at the same time its scary as its a step into the unknown.

Google Chromecast - my parents just got one of these for the tv and it's a game changer! We are now able to watch Netflix (youtube, abciview ...) on the tv just using our phones. For what it does it's great value and saves us having to upgrade to a smart tv. A bonus is that anyone can us it as long as they are connected to our wifi and have a streaming service app with casting ability.

Drake I'm Upset video - this video has been going viral mainly because its a Degrassi Next Gen reunion! I am so stoked and I love seeing all the behind scenes instagrams from the cast too as it looked like such a fun video clip to make. I like to remind people that Drake got his start on a show called Degrassi Next Generation and to me he will always be Jimmy Brooks first.

Incredibles 2 - on Monday night it was decided we would go watch this as a family for Mum's birthday and we all loved it. It was actually the first time we had all gone to the movies as a family as it's just something we never do (no idea why) but we had a fun time and it was great movie for everyone to see. If you loved the first film you will enjoy this one, I will say that it is more action packed than the first and a bit more darker but Edna is still a scene stealer and the quality of the animation is amazing.

Cadbury Caramels - these are addictive and a bag does not last long in this house to say the least! There is something about their smooth chocolate coating and sweet chewy caramel filling that makes a perfect pick me up and once you have one you can't stop. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to discover these but I am already planning on incorporating these into my loaded brownies.

Magnolia Table cookbook - every Sunday night my sister puts on Fixer Upper and I have to admit like most of the population I love Chip and Joanna. I also love cooking so it was a no brainer to order Joanna's cookbook and I found myself on Monday night buying it (mainly because during prac I have no time to shop so online shopping is what I do haha). I am looking forward to cooking my way through it and finding some new favourite recipes.

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