Friday, June 15, 2018

Week 1 of Prac

Week 1 of prac down 2 more weeks to go! I eventually got a placement at a nearby community centre that runs programs during the day along with a food bank and other community services. It wasn't my first choice but I am enjoying it and seeing how a small centre can make a big impact on the community and how varied the people are who use the centre. No two days have been the same and I have gotten to participate and get involved in a variety of activities including; art therapy, playgroup, giving out food parcels and helping out at an after school homework club. It's also nice not having to worry about proper business wear (yay for no black pants!), I am able to get away with smart casual which has been black jeans, a nice long sleeve top with either my black jacket or black trench coat, a scarf if I'm feeling it and of course my moonboot (#notafashionstatement) and my black boot. I find changing (or removing or adding) a scarf or jacket can mean I can wear the same base clothes and no one notices me wearing the same top 3 days in a row haha!
I am so exhausted and I don't understand how people can work full time. I got home on Monday and just zoned out, despite not feeling like I had a full on day and the rest of the week was much the same. I would come home and crash, do some self-care and get ready for the next day (pack my lunch, work out what to wear...).
My current self-care choice is chocolate and something mindless on Netflix, I do like to watch intense shows (911 is on my to watch list but it will have to wait for my break) but at the moment I need something light and it's ok if I zone out while watching it. At the moment it is The Next Step as the episodes are only 20 minutes so I can watch a few episodes at a time. I have also been watching Younger and The Bold Type which are shows that just make me happy.
I think being in a moonboot hasn't helped and it's just another obstacle to deal with, I find that everywhere I turn there is a new area to work out how to manoeuvre around or someone asking what happened then looking at me in disbelief as I tell them (yes I fell down 3 steps and broke my foot, I'm clumsy what can I say?).
I am so thankful that my prac placement was only 5 minutes drive away as it makes thing easier, its nice to be able to leave at 8.20am to get to the centre at 8.30am with 5 minutes to spare. Also it's nice to finish the day at 4.00pm and realise that I will be home at 4.05pm so I can relax and switch off.
I turned off my alarm when it went off at 6.30am on Thursday and immediately went back to sleep and slept for another hour which was not ideal! But I was still able to get to work on time and no one was none the wiser that I had been a bit rushed.
This time in 2 weeks I will be done with my Cert. 4 I can't believe it, bring on the diploma (or maybe not haha!).
*I feel I should note I have had this song stuck in my head all week and I have no idea why please send help.

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