Saturday, July 7, 2012

Job Search

I managed to put off actually searching for a job for as long as possible I wanted a break and then when I felt I should be starting I had just found out that in order to continue receiving my payment from the government I needed to visit an employment agency so that postponed things. So yesterday morning (and night) I began looking, I applied to around 20-25 and have so far had two knock backs (one was because I don't have my license the other I have no idea why) and if I don't hear from the rest by next friday (they all said they would call if they were interested in me) I won't have made it to the interview stage. I honestly no point in worrying as I know God has the perfect job out there for me, I also have my next meeting with my employment agency on the 30th so if I still don't have a job they will help me find one. Honestly its all in Gods hands now and all I can do is pray.

I have also realised that this is my 200th post and I am aware that I haven't been posting that often but will try and do it more now that I am looking for work. Our house has been hectic as my Grandma is still hospital so I have ended up cooking dinner for the past 5 nights as Mum has been too caught up with Grandma and everything.

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