Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stay calm and trust God

This week started off good in the Job front I had an interview on Monday with a recruitment company on behalf of a law firm which went very well so well that I got an interview with the company on Tuesday but I didn't get the job. I felt so down and yes I cried, as just when I thought I was getting somewhere I was back to square one. I then today had another interview with the same recruitment company but with a different consultant about a different job and honestly the jobs to far away for my liking but its interview experience. I felt really down today and the consultant picked up on that immeadiatly and told me that though I didn't get the job they had no complaints and only positive feedback from the firm about how my interview went and the main reason why I didn't get the job was because I don't have a drivers license (I am working on it though!) but I have potiental, I am well presented, I am a good communicator, my skills are up to date and the firm had interviewed heaps of people. Honestly I just have to focus on the fact that God has a great job ready for me and not to get discouraged. Once again I am reminded of the fact I have to trust god.

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