Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have this weird thing with dreams, like I have very realistic dreams (like I can feel myself hugging/kissing/touching/holding hands ect) every now and then and my theory is (it may be stupid) that to have a realistic dream the main person it involves (all have been based around someone who I know) must have it too. I believe that God tells us things from dreams and the other night I had a very realistic dream and I woke with the word 'wait' on my mind and I knew that God was telling me to wait and eventually I will meet a guy at the perfect timing and to be honest the timing isn't right at the moment and won't be right until I find a job and settle in to it and my Grandma is settled into high care. So I will wait and honestly knowing God has it all under control makes me worry less even though at times all I do is worry!

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Cas Pearson said...

Interesting theory about dreams.... :~) I have had those realistic ones too ;~)