Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feeling Lost

I am feeling lost today actually I have been feeling lost a lot lately and honestly I just want someone to find me! I think I am going down the right path and it leads to know where and the cycle repeats itself. I treasure the bits when I am happy. I keep myself distracted and try not to think of the chance of my phone ringing and getting asked to go to an interview. I focus on the good and ignore the bad. I keep myself busy I sat down and did my blog background, I craft a heap I have started my 18th invites even though its not for over a month! I help my Mum, I spent yesterday helping pack up my Grandmas room in Low Care (she has a spot in a High Care place and will moving in tomorrow) after this I will clean the bathroom and probably scrub the grout until its clean as its been annoying me for ages, I will cook dinner tonight and help my sister bake biscuits, I will try to keep moving as its the only thing that helps. I will watch TV tonight and read a book I borrowed from my sisters bookshelf and go to bed. I will keep being lost until someone finds me, I will keeping getting lost until God shows me a clear path, I will keep getting distracted until I am found as sometimes distractions are the only thing that keeps me going. Sometimes the tears will fall othertimes I will fake a smile and in the rare moments I will laugh. I will craft until I have no more ideas left, I will cook and hold the house togeather until no one is sick and Mum isn't stressed anymore, I will focus on the big picture. I won't let everything get to me.

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