Monday, August 27, 2012

The Dream

Last night I longed to go back to dream I had a week or so ago, I have no idea why but I wanted an escape and this dream seemed to be the easiest way to get one. I wrote this dream down when I had it as it was one of those things I never want to forget and it was the first time I had read it since I had the dream. I wrote about it here and it is safe to say this dream brings me peace and something else no idea what but I wake up happier, more focused and in a mood that can't ruined. The odd thing I have had this dream many times since though none to the same intensity but each time its leaves me feeling the same.

The thing I don't understand is how this dream is able to repeat itself so much most realistic dreams I have I will dream them maybe once or twice more but thats it. Maybe its because this dream was like I was there so its a memory rather than a dream? I have no idea but I know I will dream it many times and I guess maybe one day it will be a reality.

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