Monday, June 10, 2013

An update on my crazy/busy/tiring/kitty filled life!

Sorry for being absent lately but between work, dealing with Alfie and whatever else that God throws at me, blogging seems to be the last thing on my mind. I have sat down at the computer so many times to blog but I never get round to doing it.

Work is busy yet I still feel like I am drowning at times, I am feeling a bit trapped too so I have been looking at other options. My aim has always been to work in local government and I took a huge leap of faith and applied for a job where I did work experience in year 12, its a job I know I can do but whether I get an interview for it or now is in God's hands. I have always said my future is in God's hands and I am just thankful I have some form of employment at the moment. I have come along way since last year and I am proud of myself as are my parents. I have had no anxiety attacks and have gone to work every single day (apart from two but that was because I had a cold/virus) so I know that I can face whatever God throws at me.

Life with Alfie is fun :) I love waking up to a hug from him. He loves people and is clearly a lap cat, he has fitted into our family perfectly, everyone loves him and I have been commended on my good cat choosing skills though I think he choose us! He's the type of cat that loves people and being held and will sit on your lap wherever you are and won't budge. He also has a very playful streak in him and is finding lots of new places to hide and sit/sleep. I have been on the computer this afternoon doing a few thinks (checking bank transfers, trying track a few purchases ect) and next thing I know this is how I find Alfie! I told him he is not a piece of paper and doesn't belong there but he doesn't listen! But I am very thankful to have him and I can't wait to see him grow :)

Hopefully I will be back to blogging more regulary soon, I do miss it but its hard when you can distracted easily at times (online shopping and me = me spending money on things I really don't need haha).

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