Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another bump in the road

This ALWAYS happens to me, just when I think I am finding my way and things are looking up, God throws something at me that changes everything.
Life hasn't been easy for me and for me to be where I am hasn't been easy, I have to work really hard at things and it has always taken me longer to acheive things which is why it is taking me what seems like forever to get my license. I was the girl who often took the easy route with things in high school as even those things were hard for me at times. So I am used to these challanges and this one is just another thing to work through. The job I applied for in Local Government closed on Friday so now the shortlisting process begins I am honestly praying that I get an interview but if I don't its all a part of God's plan for me.
I see my doctor on Wednesday and I am looking forward to telling him how far I have come and I know he will be impressed (considering there was a time he honestly didn't think that I would get past year 10 in high school). I spent an hour the other night emailing my pyschologist telling her all my happenings and got a reply back today telling me she is so proud of me (it was brief but she's a new mum so I didn't expect a reply so to get a short one is good),which made me smile. I loved seeing her and my only regret is that I didn't see her sooner, we connected straight away and that helped heaps.
One thing I am thankful for is that I have a great support network, my parents have always been super supportive, I have been with my doctor since I was 12 so he knows all my history and has seen me when I am at my worst and my best (which is why we travel 30 plus minutes to see him), I have a few friends whom I am really close to and know when I need a text or to go out for coffee or just a distraction and I have an amazing church family. I don't know where I would be without them all.
So no matter how big this challenge turns out to be I know I can survive it and after all when you have God why should you need to worry about tomorrow?

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