Sunday, July 21, 2013

Job application take 100?

I have spent the past 48 hours frantically trying to get a job application ready to submit before 9.00am tomorrow morning, I managed but by the end of it I was over all job applications no matter how simple! I had to update/write my cover letter, update my resume, answer all the selection criteria, scan in (as sending it was out of the question) the application form, mine and my fathers birth certificates (to prove that I am a citizen of this country?) , my tafe certificate, and the reference letter from my school (for good measure) and email it all in.
I almost gave it a miss but my Mum asked me the question do you think you can do the job? I answered that I knew I could so she told me to get on with it and that she and Dad would help me. I am so happy that I have sent it in with hours to spare, I am now praying that I get an interview. Its for the university where I did work experience but in a different section, I was stuck on how to answer the question: Are you a current employee of the university? Because I have an ID card (in my file), a computer login and an email address so in a sense I am, but not employed by them (or doing work experience) currently. I was just honest and explained that though I have never been officially employed by them I do have an ID card ect due to doing work experience with them earlier on in the year.
I am just praying that I get a chance to showcase my skills and again a professor there can vouch for me and they kinda know me so that helps.
I turn 19 in just under two months and if I am being honest I am not where I want to be, this time last year (even at the beginning of this year!) I had thought I would be working, doing something I love and glorifying God in some way. Instead I am unemployed after a stint in the work force and feeling worthless. I have been glorifying God though, throughout this I have told people that it's in his hands not mine, so many people have been amazed that I can still trust him through this. It's been hard at times and I have been mad at him, but the fact is he planned this for me and with his help I will get through this. For now I keep praying.

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