Thursday, February 19, 2015


Today my anxiety was at a peak and I had no idea why yet had this feeling that I would be facing some big changes. After I finished helping Mum at her school I had a job interview in the city which I was feeling unsure about. I managed to find parking (just down from the building) and arrived an hour early and got lunch (it was 1.00pm) before the interview at 2.00pm. The interview went well but that didn't seem to put my anxiety at ease at all! I was told if I got the job I would have to do a one week trial period (paid) then both the company and I would decide whether I would stay on or not and would find out by tomorrow. I got home and changed out of my (purple) dress and into something less hot, when my phone rang and of course it was the company where I'd just had the interview offering me the trial period. Once again my gut feeing was right of course I said yes then freaked out and decided that the best thing to do to get my mind off things would be to go for a drive to get some ice cream.
So I have these concerns about the job that I would really appreciate your prayers for:
  • The hours its technically part time hours (10.30am-3.30pm) but 5 days a week and I am unsure how I will cope with it along with study.
  • I have been unemployed for so long (over a year!) so it will be a big change to say the least so I feel as if I am being thrown into the deep end.
  • Transport is the big issue at the moment, its in the city but parking is expensive though my hours aren't peak times driving in would be doable but parking just isn't feasible. My aim at the moment is to drive to the train station (praying that I get parking because that's an issue there that late in the morning) then catch the train in along with either walking or catching the free bus to the office (its in the east part of the city so CBD but not quite central).
  • That at the end of the trail week both me and the company will make the right decision.
  • That my anxiety will stay at bay and I will be able to achieve my potential during the week.
  • I like to overthink things, so my mind will take something, think of the worst possible scenario then times it by 500 so pray that my mind will shut down that part for the week and even if I have these thoughts that I won't let them rule it.
In other news I bought a car on Tuesday night (well my parents did now I just owe them half of it plus all the other expenses), meet Heffron (because apparently you should give car's a name?) named after the band Heffron Drive as he will hopefully drive me places and it sounds like a good sturdy name. My father was quite pleased that he found such a good car and has serviced it and told me that I need to buy new tires, but for now I am just trying to get used to driving it and not getting honked at anymore (new car + city driving = craziness that should be avoided!).
Lots of changes seem to be happening in my life some good and some interesting! Hopefully I will update you next week on how I am going.

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