Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favourites the quick version

I haven't done Friday Favourites in a while mainly because it takes a whole week of planning and I haven't had time lately with study, my sisters 18th party this weekend, helping out in my Mum's school and applying for jobs. So this is a quick version!

Heffron Drive Happy Mistakes - this album is great but very alternative and the songs have unexpected twists in them. I love Its been my current album to play when I am driving lately.

Greek on DVD - this tv show is addictive and I managed to watch the whole series in 2 weeks. I am so happy that you can get the first 2 seasons on DVD which means I can get my younger sister hooked on it as well.

Australis Make Up Finishing Spritz - I am wondering where on earth this has been and why I didn't try it sooner! You just lighty spritz it on after you have done your makeup (I do it before I do my mascara) and it won't budge. I used this on Tuesday when I had my interview and my makeup stayed on great despite the fact that it was humid and I was dripping with sweat! It also smells great and can be used throughout the day to refresh your face if needed.

The Ruby Circle (final bloodlines book) - This was such a great read and I finished it within 24 hours. I am planning on rereading the whole series now that its finished because I am already missing the characters! It is a sister series to Vampire Academy but its a great standalone series as well and its not directly based around vampires more the world they live in and how the humans see and relate to them.

Echosmith, Bright (music video), I love Echosmith and they just released their next single, Bright which is such a catchy tune on their album and I often find myself singing out loud during the day! Well worth a checking out below, I also did a review on their album here

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