Friday, March 6, 2015

A full on week

This week has been full on and yet I still feel like I have achieved very little. I went to my doctor on Tuesday and explained the situation and he agreed with me that it is time to go back to my psychologist and wrote a referral immediately. Of course after the appointment I managed to crash Heffron (my car) when I was reversing out of the car park, it wasn't a major crash more I managed to clip my right bumper on another car and Heffron got the brunt of it! I ended up ringing up my Dad in tears and leaving my contact details on the car I hit, the owner of the car I hit was understanding thankfully but it looks like it will be a couple of hundred out of pocket. Of course this has given my father the excuse to book my car into the mechanic and change the tyres.
I am booked in to my psych this coming Tuesday afternoon and it can't come soon enough! For the past 6 months I have been tossing up whether to go see her or not for a tune up so though the anxiety flare up isn't the best I am glad I can see her again to iron it all out and get everything else sorted out.
My new employment agency appear to be good and I have my second appointment with them this Monday. Also as of Monday I am caring for one of my middle sister's friends in the afternoon for 4 hours, I will be taking her out and doing fitness stuff (which will also help me become more active!). Its paid work and I will be doing something I know how to do and there is a chance this could open more doors in the future.
I applied for a great job last Friday so if you could pray that I will at least get an interview that would be great (the job applications close on the 15th of March). Its in a supportive environment, helping people (as a receptionist), 5 minutes down the road, 20 hours a week (spread across shifts) and everyone I have spoken to regarding it agrees that it sounds great for me.
I honestly wish this post made more sense but I am falling asleep here and just wanted to get this all down and update everyone.

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