Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Week Vs Last Week

This week so far has been busy and productive which is nice compared to last week when it was busy and not productive at all!
I saw my psychologist on Tuesday and my first thought was why didn't I go sooner?! I see her again next week then I will go fortnightly. We both think my attacks were due more to the environment and not having anyone on standby to help me than anything else but my lack of self confidence didn't help. When I start a new job I tend to second guess myself heaps and be really hard on myself which adds to it. So we are going to revise my strategies while also working on building up my self confidence.
I am half way through my first assignment (for my Diploma) and I honestly feel like its taking me forever to get it done but I just keep reminding myself that as long as I get it done and pass it doesn't matter how long it takes for me to get it done.
My car went to the mechanics on Monday and Tuesday and I have yet to drive it but it has new Tyres and should run a lot more smoothly. I have paid $100 towards him (yes its a he!) from my caring job on Monday (I care for one of my sisters friends every Monday afternoon starting from this week) so that's something. As long as I pay my parents back eventually they don't mind how long it takes me.
I am also loving being apart of a Bible Study, I didn't attend one last year as I still felt new to the church and not having my license made the transport situation hard. I chose a group that is full of people I already know and am close to which helps as I feel like I can already open up to them. I am also the established baker of the group, last week I made brownies which were a hit and then this week at the request of one of the guys I made caramel slice which went down amazingly. I love being able to use my skills for a purpose and its so therapeutic as well.
I have applied for a couple of jobs but I am honestly praying that I get an interview for the part-time receptionist job I applied for a couple of weeks ago, the applications officially close on the 15th then it will probably be another few weeks until I hear something back.
I am at the point in my life where I am just trusting God with whatever happens and taking each day as it comes. Honestly I know God has a plan for me and at the end of the day as long as I am trusting him I will never hit rock bottom.

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