Sunday, December 20, 2015

12 Days of Thankfulness in 1 Day

Less than a week until Christmas which means less than a week until a week long break! Time is flying by, which is a great thing :) I was nominated by a friend on Facebook to do 12 days of thankfulness but as my life has been busy I just don't see how I will be able to do it all so I am instead going to compile it into one (long) blog post.
The thing is that I couldn't think of 12 things to be thankful for because in my head they had to be 12 'big things' yet I find myself being more and thankful for the 'little things':
The smell of rain and how it makes everything clean again. Being able to walk by myself down the street where in so many countries women need to be with a man outside. Being given the opportunities to go to school and complete further study. Able to work part time rather than full time. Having access to medical care and the resources I need to manage my anxiety. Living in a country where people with disabilities are seen as people and acknowledged as indviduals. Being able to turn on a tap and clean drinkable water pours out. Having a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in let alone my own room. Being able to afford to buy new clothes and the latest gadgets Having a laptop along with a mobile phone, ipod and family computer to use. Knowing that I can step outside without having a bomb go off. Being able to be a Christian and not killed for believing in God (in so many countries Christians are killed on a daily basis and its heartbreaking!). Being able to breathe and not having to worry about the polution levels. Not being forced to marry young or having an arranged marriage. Having friends of all backgrounds and ages who I know I can call on 24/7.
I wake up every morning and there are so many things I thank God for that are small and honestly as much as I should be thankful for the big things sometimes it's good to acknowledge the small things.
Below is the start of my '12 days of thankfulness' which has only ended up being 9, I guess I will leave the other 3 points blank so they can be filled in with any of the above, because honestly there are waaaay more than 12 things to be thankful and even the small things are big things.
  1. I am thankful for Rikki. Having him has made a huge difference in my life and he helps me with my anxiety. Just knowing that he is there for me after a hard day of work helps me get through the tough moments and days. He also makes me laugh, lately he has become obsessed with the grass in the backyard he will spend hours just rolling around in it and it always makes me smile.
  2. Knowing that God has a plan for me. Nothing in my life has been easy and it always helps to know that God has a plan for me even when I feel like I am drowning.
  3. My church family. I love how I have this community around me who support and pray for me. I have an amazing group of friends at church who have gone out of their way to help me in tough times. One friend gives me lifts home from work most afternoons as she works near me and lives not far from me and its such a huge help.
  4. My amazing psychologist. I am so thankful to have found a wonderful psych who I click with and understands me. I always look forward to seeing her and her appointments always seem to come at the perfect time.
  5. My immediate family. They make me laugh, put up my weird habits and support me no matter what. They have gone through so much with me and have never given up on me. When I lost my license my parents first reactions were 'we will get through this with you' and they have. They have become my taxi drivers and cancelled a potential holiday that would've left me for 3 weeks alone and have stood by through it all. Megan and Jocelyn are both awesome sisters to have and they are always down for chick flicks and girl talk.
  6. Christmas time. When you think about it what other time of the year can you talk about God so openly and people will listen. The whole reason for Christmas is Jesus and its great to be able to talk to people about him and what Christmas means for you.
  7. My job. I almost wasn't going to include as its been such a challenge but I am thankful to have such an amazing supervisor who is helping me and being in a supportive workplace. I have no idea what the future in terms of this job but I am thankful to be given this chance and know God is in control of what happens.
  8. ReachOut. I love this charity so much and being a youth ambassador is one of my favourite roles ever. I love being able spread the word about mental health in young adults and letting teens and young adults know about it more. We recently had a free dress day at work and when I stared in my wardrobe that morning I decided to wear my ReachOut shirt and got asked so many questions about what ReachOut does, how I got involved with them and what I do.
  9. My car. Even though I can't drive it at the moment (and its currently sitting in the driveway looking sad), I am thankful I have this mode of transportation and that I can afford to pay it off. There was a time when I doubted I would ever get my license and when I see my car I know that I will eventually get my license again (of course I do feel sad that I can't drive it as well). My car may be as old as my youngest sister but he runs well and I can't wait to sit behind the wheel again in a month (yes I may need my parents to sit in the car with me until I pass my dreaded practical test but I will still be allowed back on the roads!).

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