Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

Another year has almost come to an end and what a rollercoaster of a year it has been! I will admit I had high hopes for 2015 afterall 15 is my number (I was born on the 15th, my parents married on the 15th and I currently live in number 15 which has been the longest I have lived in any house) and while the year has had its high points it also had its low points. Early in this year I finally bought a car well my parents bought me a car which I am still paying off, the freedom of having my own wheels was amazing and my father got the joy of bragging to all his friends about the great deal he got on my first car.
I then managed to get a job in a law firm no less where I lasted (drumroll) 3 hours so I went back to my pyschologist which was the best thing and it was over due. I then was told to challenge myself and the next day a post popped up from ReachOut saying that needed youth ambassadors in my state so taking it as a sign I signed up and managed to get in. This did challenge me but I loved it and spending a weekend in a room full of strangers who would eventually become my friends proved to myself that I could push myself. I look back on the things I have done for ReachOut and can't believe it.
I also starting studying (online) to get my diploma in business administration and I managed to get two credits in the two units I have completed. This gave me something to do while I was looking for work with the added bonus that I could continue doing it once I found work.
Unemployment seemed to drag on and looking back at the amount of posts I wrote about job interviews and how I thought the job was 'the one' its not hard to see how much I struggled. I finally landed a job in July this year but this has been anything but smooth sailing and there are days when I find that I am drowning! Here I was thinking that a job would solve all my problems and it has just made them different and more complex, on the days I feel like I can't do the job I just pray and know that God is in control and keep trying to move forward.
We also said goodbye to my Grandma in July after a challenging few years of her going downhill, it was bittersweet to say goodbye to her as we knew she was in a better place and no doubt spending the next hundred years looking at God's toes as she was quoted saying in the years prior to her death. The funeral was well attended and it was comforting to see how many people cared about her.
I celebrated turning 21 this year which makes me officially an adult. I ended up doing a family breakfast followed by a party at night with friends on the Saturday before I turned 21 on the Tuesday. This was the perfect way to celebrate and I felt so loved and spoilt.
Of course after I turned 21 I found out I was going to loose my license for 3 months and have to resit (the dreaded) practical test. It was a shock and sent me into a downwards spiral which affected everything including my work which meant my probation had to be extended and I am still recovering from. I was thankfully able to drive down to the statewide sports competion between churches at the end of September as I had 28 days between handing in my licence and not being able to drive (which didn't help and I would've rather lost it then and there). We managed to win the small churches competion and the weekend ending up making some awesome new friends who joined our team from another church.
This year I have learnt a lot more about my anxiety and after changing my diet along with frequent psych appointments is a lot more manageable and I have noticed the difference long term.
Relationship wise I am still single and for now thats ok, I guess this year has been so busy that to throw a boy into the mix would be too much. I just know that I will meet the right guy at the right time and whatever happens God is in control.
Honestly 2015 has been anything but easy but what should I expect has anything in my life been easy? Bring on 2016 and what new adventures God will bring for me!

Love Erin

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