Monday, May 23, 2016

Just an update.

Time for another update on my life post! Life is going by slowly and honestly I am struggling a lot recently because I feel that I am not moving forward just staying in the same spot!
  • Unemployment - nothing has changed in that area, there are very few jobs that I can apply for and the ones I do apply I never hear back from. I do have yet another employment agency consultant but I feel connected with her and she is so nice. She has also thought of a few things that I haven't covered with any other consultants so she knows what she is doing! I am just giving it to God and waiting and praying.
  • No laptop - this is challenging and I am counting down the days until I get it back! What's made it worth it is that so many of my friends have been sponsoring me and I am $48 shy of my target so if you haven't already please donate - you can do so by clicking here.  I get my laptop back next Wednesday so I am super excited and plan to spend at least 2 days locked up catching up on all the TV shows I have been missing. A friend asked me if I had been keeping a list of shows I need to catch up on and want to watch once I get my laptop back and I have but not obsessively and just a mental list. I do know that it will take me at least a couple of days of watching to catch up with everything but I am not real hurry to do so especially as some of the shows have been cancelled so if I can draw those out for as long as possible I will be happy.
  • ReachOut - I am still trying to do as much as I can with ReachOut and last Monday even got to give them a shoutout on the radio! I was listening in to the local radio station and they asked what would give up for a month of wifi and I texted in saying that I was actually giving up my laptop (and therefore access to wifi to a degree) for a month and thought nothing of it. I then receive a phone call a couple of hours later asking if I would be ok talking about it and my reasons as to why I don't have a laptop. So for a few minutes I got to talk about my reasons for not having a laptop and explain why ReachOut is important to me. I am also doing another 5km walk for them in July you can donate to that here. My overall aim is to raise a total of $350 for ReachOut this year so that's $250 giving up my laptop and $100 doing the 5km walk though I am planning on doing a competion again.
I just feel like I am in a waiting stage of my life (again!) and know that it will eventually pass, yet I can't see the end of the tunnel and its discouraging. I know God is in control and that there is a reason for this its just hard to see at the moment. But for now I will get keep waiting and praying as I have been doing for the past few months.

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