Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The job market is non existant at the moment as in there are no jobs out there that I can apply for most days I am lucky if there is one job a week I can apply for! Its hard and doing my head in most days when I scan through the job listings. My employment agency has told me that June and July are the worst months to look for jobs and it shows. Thankfully they are keeping an eye out of for any jobs that I could do and keep telling me its not me but the job market. I have all the right skills, I have decent experience, I volunteer and I am studying all things that potential employers are looking for.
I know God is in control   of it all but its still hard to wait - I always find waiting to be the hardest during unemployment as its so easy to get lost in your thoughts while waiting.
What is funny is that I got employment in July last year which as I said above its one of the hardest months to get a job so I know it can be done and that's encouraging and I know God is on my side through it all so it could (hopefully, I-am-praying-non-stop-for-it-to-happen) again.
Every week I always try to plan something that I am excited about this week I am off to see Finding Dory by myself because I can and then Me Before You on Sunday with a friend and next week its the science museum with a few friends. Because it helps me have something to do and something that isn't boring and fun. Its being able to escape for a morning or day and just be a normal 21 year old who isn't worried about work or finances or what the hell I am doing with my life.
Having anxiety I find that I am my worst enemy at times and being able to escape helps me. It's why I read books and watch TV shows just because they provide an escape without having to go anywhere. Because for the time that I am reading or watching I am escaping and not focusing on the looming unknowns. I love being able to escape my mind if only for 30 minutes because for that 30 minutes I am not trapped in my mind but somewhere else.

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