Friday, June 3, 2016

I have my laptop back, emails and Friday Favourites

Well I officially have my laptop back!!! I survived a month with no Netflix (or online streaming!) and yes it was tough and yes I have been making up for lost time but I did it all for a good cause!
The above is from an email I received today from ReachOut, I will also be mentioned in an article that they are doing so I will be sure to share that link.

When I was also checking my emails I received an email from a company I had applied to work for and was told the unfortunately I would not be progressing to the next round and instead of feeling sad I just felt at peace. Like God is working behind the scenes and something will happen soon on the whole job front. My employment agency are stepping up and actually keeping an eye out for jobs and using their contacts to help find me one so that seems to be leading somewhere, for now I am just waiting and praying because God is in control and I know there is a job out there for me which is perfect.

Moving on to Five Three (cause I am lazy!) Friday Favourites

  • Degrassi Next Class - I am finally able to watch this awesome show and have caught up super quickly (the episodes air at 8.30 on ABC3 but you can watch them on iview). Its a great show and still has the Degrassi essence we know and love. They aren't shying away from the big topics either with episodes covering drug addiction, mental health and various other topics. I love how Degrassi has always been able to cover mental health issues with taste and make them relateable and educational at the same time. Its well worth a watch and rumour has it some past students will be making appearences in the yet to be aired Season 3!
  • Codenames - this is such a fun game and  its great to play in a crowd. I purchased this game last Saturday and it was an instant hit with my friends. It takes minutes to learn and the games tend to last between 10 - 15 minutes which is good. You also work in teams so if you have friends (like me) who get super competitive playing games individually then this is a great game and they are made to work together.
  • Blog post: My Anxiety. My Mental Health. My Story. - This post left me emotionally drained after writing it but I am so proud of myself and how many views it has received so far! This is the story of my anxiety from the very beginning to now and how much I have gone through. I never realise just how much I survived until I wrote it all down. Its well worth a read if you haven't read it yet.
Hope you all have a great weekend, my plans are to catch up with some awesome people and just relax (because even when you are unemployed you need a break!).

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