Monday, June 6, 2016

God has it under control

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Was a question my high school graduating class was asked to fill out to be placed next to our school pictures in the year book. Some answered it saying they had no idea, others put down their dreams, others put down something silly because in reality how many of us were going to look back on it. I put down that I would be married, with hopefully one child, a couple of cats and working part time in local government. Up until recently I thought I had achieved one of those points until I had to make the hard decision to leave it due to my mental health. I thought because I had crossed that off I could move onto the rest. I had to leave my job in order to save my sanitary just like I have to work part time in order to function. I still hope and pray that the other things will fall in place but honestly as long as God is into control I shouldn't worry about the next 5 years or even tomorrow. What I should've put down as my response? God has it under control. What I should tell people when they offer suggestions on what I should be doing in my life? God has it under control. What I should be thinking when I am feeling uncertain about this whole no job situation? God has it under control. Because deep down that is the truth and knowing that makes the future just that bit easier to face.

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